Historic Old Naples, Florida

There may be no city as picturesque as Old Naples Naples Florida
. It is located in southwest Florida right near the ocean. Interestingly, Naples is one of the wealthiest places in the United States. It is not surprising that people choose to relocate to this lovely town. But, Naples is more than golf and beach, it is a town with a rich history.

Naples was founded in the late 1800s by a Confederate general and a senator. They were immediately drawn to the mild climate and began to advertise in many newspapers about how beautiful and abundant the town was.

The small town began to grow as promoters got settlers to come and buy land. They advertised it as a place much like the Italian coast. This is how the area became known as Naples. They sold it as Italy’s lovelier sister with better fish and game.

In the 1880s the first hotel in the area was constructed. It was known as the Naples Beach Hotel. It was a beautiful piece of land that overlooked the crystal-clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Many people, especially from the Midwest would come to the hotel in the winter to enjoy the mild climate.

Naples was set to explode in population due to the building of the railroad that would link it with Miami. However, the Great Depression hit and halted any growth it would have made.

It wasn’t until after the depression and following World War II that Naples began to boom. This was in part due to the construction of a beautiful golf course that was located right near the Naples Beach Hotel. It was the first 18-hole golf course in the area and drew visitor from all over the country.

An interesting fact about the Hotel is the city of Naples have not allowed any condo developments to be built right on the beach south of the Hotel. This contributes to the picture-perfect beach around this area.

Old Naples is also home to some other amazing, historical sites. One of the big tourist destinations of Naples is the Tin City Marine Market Place. It is a rustic building that has more than 40 stores and some great seafood. But, historically Tin City played a much more important role. If you wish to purchase a property here then contact Shannon Lefevre.

In the 1920’s Tin City was erected as a hub for the economy of Naples. It was the center for all things water in the area. Fishermen would take their oysters, clams and other prizes to Tin City to be sold and weighed. If your boat needed work, you would take it to Tin City to be fixed. Tin City also housed all the maintenance workers for the area.

In about 1970 Tin City was converted into a beautiful landmark. It became a mixed-use site that housed amazing restaurants and colorful shops. The history of Tin City shines through. It is worth visiting if you are in the area. Make sure to stop by the History Showroom located right inside Tin City. It houses some amazing artifacts and photos of historic Old Naples.

Another must-see stop in Old Naples is the Palm Cottage. This beautiful home is a perfect example of the history of Naples, Florida. It has a museum located right on the property that allows visitors to look at and enjoy many of the historic items used in Naples. Docents are on staff to explain the lovely architecture and tell stories about Old Naples history.

The Palm Cottage was built over 100 years ago in 1890. It is a gorgeous two-story home that has been expertly preserved. For 13 dollars a person, you can tour the grounds and the home. You will see authentic artwork and furniture that were made in the same timeframe.

The Palm Cottage is also home to the Norris Gardens. This beautiful outdoor space is very similar to the gardens homeowners would have had nearly a century ago. The price of the Palm House Tour includes a self-guided tour of the garden. Worth seeing.

Old Naples was not only home to the wealthy. It is also full of quaint beach cottages that are found amongst the mansions. They were built by visitors who liked to spend their winters in Southern Florida. Many people would come to town in December and head back to their home around April.

Make sure to visit another historic treasure trove in Naples, the Third Street South area. It is an old shopping district that is about as elegant as it gets. It is located right near the Palm Cottage and is full of historic buildings that now house many retail stores, art galleries, and restaurants. It also has beautiful gardens located in many courtyards. Be sure to eat at one of the many outdoor cafes. You are sure to enjoy not only the food but the ambiance of the area.

If you are in Naples on a Saturday be sure to catch the weekly farmers market right in the Third Street District. It is full of local food, produce, and other artisan items.

The Third Street District also hosts excellent live entertainment and music on Thursday nights. It is a good idea to check out the Third Street District’s website for more detailed information on bands and acts playing.

There is plenty of parking right at the Third Street District. It is a good idea to park your car and walk to any of the great historic destinations right in the area. Make sure to take time to explore the side streets which display great examples of early Naples architecture.

Naples, Florida is indeed a town like no other. It has all the modern amenities you could ever want. It has malls, friendly hotels, and world-famous golf. But, Naples is much more than that. It is a town that focuses on where it came from and its history. Make it a priority to visit Old Naples when you are in the area. You will be amazed at the effort Naples has put into preserving its past.