Importance Of Working With Experienced Old Naples Realtors

The Old Naples in Florida has a history dating back to the late 1800s. It offers one of the best residential living in Southwest Florida and over the past few decades, the whole area has transformed with new luxury homes. Old Naples has a lot to offer with a huge variety of world-class shopping destinations and restaurant along with its white sand beaches and the famous walking and fishing pier into the Gulf of Mexico.

Old Naples is also home to more than 130 art galleries and a variety of upscale boutiques. There are a lot of special events held throughout the year including music performances by local artists, gallery viewings as well as wine tasting events among other things. If you are planning to move to Old Naples, it is recommended to work with an experienced and reliable realtor like Shannon Lefevre Old Naples realtor. Realtors can help you with all your real estate needs and here is a list of some of the important reasons you should use a Realtor for any real estate transaction for Old Naples homes for sale.

Neighborhood Knowledge

Experience Realtors have intimate knowledge of the area where they operate. They can quickly find out the details of the desirable properties in an area and provide your additional data such as demographics, crime rate or schools to point you in the right direction. In other words, they can help you find the right property, at the right price.

For instance, they can find houses with a swimming pool or without a swimming pool, with a basement playroom for the kids or a yard for your dog and other such things. This saves a lot of time as you do not have to waste time on visiting properties that do not satisfy your requirements.

Code of Ethics

Realtors are members of the National Association of Realtors which means they have to abide by a specified code of ethics. Essentially, the code dictates that all the Realtors have to deal with all the parties involved in a transaction honestly. They have put their client’s interests ahead of their own.

Also, they need to be truthful in advertising and are required to make full disclosure about any issues with a particular property. The code of ethics also has provisions for fines, suspension as well as expulsion.


Realtors have the required knowledge to find out whether a particular house is underpriced or overpriced as they do this on a daily basis. They understand the value of a neighborhood and can help set a price which means you won’t have to waste any time visiting houses that do not work for you.

Access to Private Sales

While many properties are listed for sale on MLS or online, you should know that not all the properties are widely publicized. There are many cases where only reputed Realtors or real estate agents are aware of certain houses for sale. Sometimes, sellers do not want their friends or neighbors to know that they are selling their house and this is where reputed Realtors come in. When you work with a reputed Realtor, you get access to properties that are not listed elsewhere.

Dealing with Paperwork

One of the most common problems faced by buyers as well as sellers is dealing with the paperwork involved in buying or selling a property. There is a lot of paperwork involved in a real estate transaction, and it can get tiresome without the help of an experienced real estate agent. Realtors understand the importance of paperwork and make sure that everything is right before they finalize the deal.

Negotiation Skills

One of the main reasons both buyers and sellers prefer to deal with experienced Realtors is that they are expert negotiators. Also, they act as a neutral third party which means they can remove themselves from an emotional point of view. Also, they are bound to hold the client information confidential.

Tax Issues and Other Queries

Keep in mind that complications may arise even after a transaction is closed. It may be in the form of transfer tax or property tax assessments and other such things. This is where Realtors can help you out as they will take care of all such issues.

Avoiding Closing Issues

Real estate agents must make sure that a sale closes without any issues. They make sure that the title of the house is clear. Sometimes, there are unexpected title issues when it gets close to the closing, or at times, there may be issues with financing. Experienced Realtors deal with such issues on a regular basis and are capable of working through all kinds of challenges to close the deal on time and to the satisfaction of all the involved parties.

House Inspections

Experience Realtors have a lot of experience in inspecting the houses to ensure that it is suitable for a new buyer. They also have contacts with professional house inspectors and can help buyers ensure that the house is suitable for moving in.


Overall, Old Naples Realtors play a significant role in all kinds of real estate transactions and make sure that you get a great deal that suits your taste. Successful Realtors understand the importance of building relationships as no realtor would survive if they need to drum up new business consistently. Therefore, it is in their interest to make sure that their clients are always happy and satisfied. Experience Realtors will keep in touch with you and will periodically mail you market updates to stay in touch and to keep you informed.

While there are several advantages of working with an experienced realtor, it is also essential that you do your homework before working with a Realtor. Do not sign up with any real estate agent without checking their background as well as history. Experienced Realtors have expert knowledge about a particular area, and they also have strong contacts to ensure that you get the best value for your investment. So, you should check their reviews, ratings as well as the number of years they have been active in Old Naples before partnering up with a Realtor. This will make sure that you are only dealing with the best Realtors in Old Naples.